Wednesday , July 15th 2020
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What’s in My Exclusively Pumping Portable Pumping Station // Momma Alia

What’s in My Exclusively Pumping Portable Pumping Station // Momma Alia

What’s in My Exclusively Pumping Portable Pumping Station.
Today I’m sharing what is in my portable pumping station as an exclusive pumper. This is something that made exclusively pumping with a newborn so much easier! Please leave any questions or requests you have in the comments below!

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– Why I Single Pump

– APNO Recipe

– Lavie Masage Pad Review

– Pump Strap Review

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– My container

– Larger container

– Booble suction collection cup (currently out of stock but will link for when it comes back!)

– Milk Saver On-Th-Go

– LaVie Warming Massage Pads (Use code MOMMAALIA for 10% off!)
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– Lansinoh nursing pads

– Bravado pumping bra

– Lansinoh breast milk storage bags

– Nipple Crack nipple balm

– Pump Strap XL

– Lansinoh SmartPump (Use code ALIA30 to get 30% off any purchase over $25)
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– My websites where you can find my blog + more coming soon!

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