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TOP 9 Best Breast Pump Reviews – What Is The Best Breast Pump On The Market

TOP 9 Best Breast Pump Reviews – What Is The Best Breast Pump On The Market

✾✾✾ Feed your baby properly with these 9 best breast pumps ✾✾✾

If you are someone who has just become a new mom, congratulations! Let’s talk about one of the less discussed topics for new moms, and that is pumping. The chances are that you will need one among the best breast pumps to breastfeed your baby properly. But what is the best breast pump among the options? Let’s take a look at the breast pump reviews below to answer your question.

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#1- SPECTRA S1 & S2:

– These are essentially the same device except for 2 key differences being the battery and the price; the SPECTRA S1 will be more expensive than the S2 simply because it comes with a rechargeable battery.

– Using the closed system ensuring the milk does not get contaminated, and keeping the pump clean of bacteria and mold.


– This is a very easy to use breast pump with an intuitive design, allowing you to operate it quickly without needing prior instructions.

– This breast pump has a very fast pumping speed, allowing quick milk production for your hungry baby.

– Additionally, the suction power remains fairly consistent after every use even if it is several consecutive uses in a day.


– This is a hands-free and non-electric breast pump that is unique from other more conventional breast pumps on the market.

– It is made completely from silicone and uses natural suction power to draw the milk from your breast.

– Very ideal to use in the first few months when your baby’s demand is at the highest and when you have the most abundant supply of milk.


– Coming from the best breast pump brand of Medela, this carries the brand’s signature expression technology in 2 phases allowing for impressively quick milk extraction.

– Flexible options that allow you to choose to express between one or both breasts at the same time through independent suction units.

– Might be difficult on the affordability scale since it is a slightly more premium option when compared to electrical pumps.



– Another one of the few unique breast pumps out there on the market that is manual; its lightweight and portability are best suited for moms going far away from home.

– The parts of this breast pump are completely compatible with other Philips Avent electric pump products for convenience.

– You might want to take the occasional spilling while pumping into consideration.


– This is good for moms with slightly larger breast size who wants a breast pump that is compatible with other Medela products.

– This breast pump offers very comfortable expressing experience through Medela’s signature technology, and ease of cleaning thanks to the parts being separable and simple to assemble.

– Overall, it is a good option for moms wanting a portable breast pump with strong suction power.


– This breast pump comes with 3 main benefits; it having up to 3 different pumping methods for your choice, a closed-system design ensuring safe pumping and both of them being available at an affordable price.

– Other than the occasional leaks during usage to consider, this is a good option for moms who are looking for a pump that combines breastfeeding with bottle-feeding and that is available at a great price.


– This is a great option for moms who are looking for an efficient and simple pump that also comes with an app for personal tracking.

– It is very quiet during use to not disturb your baby, coming with various suction levels though simple controls to cater to your own body.

– If you want to keep track of your feeding, you can connect to the MyMedela app.


– Comes equipped with exactly 25 customizable settings for various pumping options.

– Has a quiet system to keep you private while pumping as well as a memory feature to recall your favored settings.

– This breast pump is compatible with parts from Medela Pump In Style.



The above breast pumps reviews about some of the top rated breast pumps should give you a clear idea of what to consider for help when deciding to breastfeed your baby. Happy parenting your child!


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