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The suction power of my Philips Avent breast pump is low

The suction power of my Philips Avent breast pump is low

If the suction of your Philips Avent breast pump does not meet your wishes, there might be a simple way to mend this. Just use our easy tips and tricks.
Clean your Philips Avent breast pump

Make sure that the breast pump has been cleaned. Also assemble the breast pump while it is still moist from sanitizing. This will improve the vacuum.
Assemble properly

Assemble the Philips Avent breast pump properly. Make sure the breast pump is assembled as per the instructions:
1) Insert the white valve into the pump body, so that it fits securely into the small round hole. Make sure the pointed side of the valve is facing down and the white valve is not damaged.
2) Fit the clear silicone diaphragm with stem into the pump body. Ensure a perfect seal around the rim by pressing down with your fingers. (This is easier if assembled while the diaphragm is wet).
3) Screw the pump body onto the feeding bottle or storage cup until securely in place.
4) Insert the Let-down Massage Cushion and secure the rim around the funnel making sure there are no gaps. Run your thumb on the flat surface between each petal to ensure there are no air pockets. (This is easier if assembled while the Let-down Massage Cushion is wet).

Check if the cushion and valve are firmly pushed into the pump body and that the edges are completely sealed around the rim of the pump body. The cushion, valve and diaphragm can leak air if not attached correctly. The comfort breast pump may show low suction before expressing. Place it onto your breast to create vacuum and move the handle again.
Use genuine Philips Avent parts

Do not mix parts of other breast pumps not belonging to the Philips Avent Comfort range.
Still not working?

Should you still experience low/no suction, we recommend to contact Consumer Care for support or new spare parts.

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The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF334/16 , SCF334/15 , SCF334/03 , SCF332/01 , SCF332/11 , SCF334/02 , SCF334/04 , SCF334/12 , SCF334/14


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