Saturday , July 11th 2020
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Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag REVIEW!! #sarahwellsbags #sarahwellsbrandambassador #breastpumpbag

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag REVIEW!! #sarahwellsbags #sarahwellsbrandambassador #breastpumpbag

Hi guys!!
Today I wanted to share with you the BEST (well I think so) breast pump bag. I would’t have said yes to this opportunity to work with Sarah Well if I didn’t LOVE them!!! I want to thank Sarah Wells for sending me these items and allowing me to be apart of their Sarah Wells Brand ambassador program!

Buy Abby Navy or Maire Black and get the Lizzy Gray for FREE!!!!!!
Sale ends June 12th 2020

Sarah Wells Website


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My name is Kimberly and I am a pregnancy and birth nut! I created this channel to inspire, help and educate other parents about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. I’ve been blessed with the experience of two home births and was a Gestational Surrogate in April 2019. Now I am exclusively pumping for a Milk Bank. Thank you so much for being here and I hope to leave you inspired as a parent or almost parent before you leave!

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