Saturday , July 11th 2020
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Nuk Freemie Breast Pump – What to Expect Review

Nuk Freemie Breast Pump – What to Expect Review

If you’re a mom who’s always got at least two or three things you need to be doing, having a pump that allows hands-free pumping could be a total lifesaver. Latham Thomas talks through the NUK Simply Natural Freemie hands-free breast pump in this review for What to Expect.

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Hi, I’m Latham Thomas with What To Expect, and today I’ll be talking to you about his simply natural Freemie breast pump by NUK. So, this pump offers hands-free pumping, really powerful. You can control suction, frequency, and speed. You can also place it really nicely on your belt clip or on the side of your pants.

Instead of pumping directly into bottles, you’re pumping into a collection cup and this collection cup gathers right upon the breast. It’s a great way for you to be hands-free, placing this inside your bra so you can move around.

You can charge this with a USB port, so you can charge it in your car, you can charge it with your computer. I think about the mom who’s on the go and who’s maybe traveling and bring this pump because of the convenience factor, and then forgets the charger at home. What happens to her? Guess what? She has a USB port here so she can actually continue to use this and not freak out and have to find a baby store someplace. This particular pump is so quiet. You know, pumps are really loud. Now we have to design for the times that we live in, and women really need products that meet their lifestyle.

The other thing is that you do have to transfer the milk into a bottle. You’ll still have the work on the other end, but it’s figuring out what that trade off is for you. If you’re a mom who values portability and convenience and could use a device that works with universal chargers, then this might be the right product for you.


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