Saturday , July 11th 2020
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Mother Needs Buddsbuddy Advanced Manual Breast Pump, White

Mother Needs Buddsbuddy Advanced Manual Breast Pump, White

Mother’s milk is the best nutrition food for infants aged 0 to 6 months. Breast pump helps you to provide mother’s milk to the child even when you are not in the home. BuddsBuddy Advance Manual Breast Pump is specially designed for the sake of the Busy Moms who go out for work and don’t want to compromise with the baby’s health. Using the pump you can easily take out your milk and keep it safe for your baby’s feeding time
The premium quality breast pump is intended for drawing out the surplus milk from breasts. You can easily store the milk by pumping it out using the breast shield and feed your baby through spoon. The product has been designed especially for the busy moms who go out to work.

Featuring Points of BuddsBuddy Advanced Manual Breast Pump
➤ Ideal pump for breast care, easy to handle.
➤ Helps to extract the surplus/remained breast milk and store in the bottle.
➤ The plastic shield fits naturally to the breasts.
➤ Stimulates the mammary glands and improves lactation of milk.
➤ Completely hygienic process.
➤ Natural immitation of baby’s sucking patterns and adjustable suction strength.
➤ Soft and safe for mothers.
➤ Gentle to use with absolute comfort.

Kit includes
➤ Breast pump with silicone massaging pad
➤ 180 ml bottle for feeding milk storage
➤ 1 Silicone nipple
➤ Protective cover


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