Wednesday , July 15th 2020
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Milk Supply! This can Help you//breastfeeding Journey

Milk Supply! This can Help you//breastfeeding Journey

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Welcome back. Hi is Kate here, how are you, hope you all are having a wonderful and bless day so far. In todays video- I want to share what my lactation consultant told and explain to me, how I can boost my milk supply to help me to feed my baby and what I can use to keep up, without giving up or quitting breastfeeding so fast. I hope this tips help you the same way is helped me, I didn’t know about them until I have a baby, so grateful to have a lactation consultant.

*** Check with you medical insurance, some might cover a Breastpumps completely(100%) or just part of it(30%,50%,75%). So, you don’t need to pay in full price.
*** As well they should allow you at least 1-3 visit to see a lactation consultant of your preference.

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