Tuesday , July 7th 2020
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Lacte Handsfree Silicon Collection Cup

Lacte Handsfree Silicon Collection Cup

Lacte Handsfree Silicon Collection Cup (1 pair) is now available at GoodealBB.

The Lacte Handsfree Silicone Collection Cups has a full silicone funnel which is made for its great flexibility.The collection cups are easy to assemble and compatible with most of the breast pumps outside. It is specially designed for mommies to make their hands free at the same time pumping milk for their baby therefore making it a great choice for busy mommies. The product consists of 8 parts : 3 PP parts, 4 silicone parts, and 1 silicone tubing. All parts are made with food grade materials.

1. Wash and dry hands before assemble parts for hygiene purpose.
2. Recommended to wash by using baby bottle cleansing detergent and steriliser.
3. Position handsfree where your nipple is placed right i the centre of the breast shield.
4. Upon completion of pumping, place the milk collection cup flat on table, remove tubing and pour the breastmilk into milk storage bottle / milk storage bag.
5. Wash and steriliser, ensure the parts are completely dry and store in a container / clean space.

– Full Silicone Funnel
– Leak free
– Anti-backflow system
– 27mm with 24mm insert
– Compatible with most breast pumps
– Made with food grade material
– Convenient to use even in public
– Up to 8oz of capacity per side

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