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How to Use the Ameda Lactaline Breast Pump by Ameda

How to Use the Ameda Lactaline Breast Pump by Ameda

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This is an ideal pump for stay at home mothers looking to ensure the purity of expressed milk. Lightweight, the Purely Yours Breast Pump offers the utmost in flexibility and portability. This value packed, portable, piston breast pump creates a stimulation that feels both natural and comfortable. It provides numerous variations to mimic the suckling even as baby matures and grows.

– Purely Yours Breast Pump x1
– Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System x1
– AC Power Adapter x1

Product Features
Microprocessor Controlled, Piston Driven
Only Ameda electric breast pumps are controlled by powerful microprocessors. This amazing technology allows greater variability in suction levels and cycling speed, ensuring that more mothers can find their personal comfort level while pumping. Additionally, it allows suction to be adjusted independently without affecting the cycle speed and vice versa, unlike other brands of pumps.

A piston moving back and forth inside a cylinder is the means by which suction is generated and released in all Ameda electric and manual pumps. This has long been the highest standard in breast pump technology for safe and effective suction.

Adjustable Suction Levels and Cycle Speeds
What is the suction level? The level of vacuum strength. What is cycle speed? The number of times suction is generated and released in one minute. A combination of suction strength and cycle speed on a breastpump provides the stimulation necessary to remove milk from the breast. Each mother is unique and requires a certain level of suction and cycle speed to be comfortable and successful using a breast pump. Ameda appreciates every mothers individuality, so both of our electric pumps offer a greater variety of suction and cycle settings than any other pump in their category. This ensures that with Ameda, each mother can find a setting that creates the best stimulation for her individual needs. The Purely Yours breast pump offers eight suction levels and four cycle speeds.

Lightweight and Portable
Ameda electric breast pumps were designed with todays mobile mother in mind, therefore our pumps are lightweight and easily portable. The Purely Yours breast pump weighs only around 1 lb. (0.5 kg).

Bottle Holders for Bottles/Freezer Bags
Bottle holders are built into the pump to minimize the possibility of spills and loss of precious breast milk. For added convenience, they are specially designed to hold the HygieniKit when used with either bottles or freezer bags.

Product Benefits
– Comfortable and effective, with 8 adjustable suction levels and 4 cycle speeds to mimic the suckling
– Mothers can pump anywhere with this convenient pump that operates via AC adapter, car adapter, or AA batteries (sold separately)
– Ensures the purity of expressed milk with the patented HygieniKit Milk Collection System

– Ameda does not offer carry bags for purchase separately. If you need to transport the pump, see our listings for pumps in the Carry All or Backpack in breastpumps.
– Traveling? We carry power adapters for use in other countries.
– This model (#17070) has been designed to operate on 110V (e.g. USA, Canada, and Mexico). To operate this model (#17070) in countries (e.g. European countries, Australia, and United Kingdom) with 220~240V, you will require a different AC adapter (voltage converter). This is sold separately. Please contact us for details and pricing.


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