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Freemie Liberty Breast Pump Review and Setup (2018)

Freemie Liberty Breast Pump Review and Setup (2018)

The Freemie Liberty is an amazing breast pump for moms on the go – it is portable, quiet, and can be used while walking around. In this review, I do an unboxing and show you how to set up your Freemie Liberty! While the Freemie Liberty isn’t available through insurance, the Freemie Independence is. Be sure to check out how to get a pump for free through your insurance here:

After the publishing of this video, we received a few corrections from the company that are worth noting:

“Most importantly, you mentioned you had trouble connecting the Y connector to the pump and this is because there should be a third piece of tubing from the Y Connector that connects to the pump and this is why you were having trouble with it. Looks like you were missing this piece for some reason.

Secondly, this pump and cups should not be shared. They are for a single user only and should be disposed of in e-waste or plastics recycle after use.

Less important but might be of interest to you:

· Insurance does carry the slightly different Independence model (no sleep timer or LCD display)

· Other sizes are available with Fitmie soft inserts

· +100 settings, but no presets; you can program it to save 3 personal settings

· Tubing goes under your shirt, but doesn’t have to


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