Tuesday , July 7th 2020
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Freemie Breast Pump at Breastmates – so quiet!!

Freemie Breast Pump at Breastmates – so quiet!!

A demo so you can hear how quiet the Freemie breast pump is. In this video we turn the pump onto maximum settings, and continue filming and talking with the pump operating, so that you can hear how soft it is. This is a high grade hospital pump, yet so quiet and tiny.

In the video you can see that this is small in my hand, and its very light also. There is a clip on the back so that you can attach it to your belt, or put in your pocket.

In the video, we use a balloon to stimulate how this pump works with a breast. You can see the suction of the pump draws the balloon in and out, this is similar how it works with a nipple to express milk.

You can adjust the suction and speed easily (with LCD display screen) and you can pump at the level that is comfortable for you.
We’re just doing it at this rate in the video so that you can see and hear it, it might be that you prefer a gentler or slower pump rate for yourself.

With the Freemie breast pump, you milk is drawn out and goes into these breast collection shells. (Sorry we don’t have actual pumped milk to show you in the video). The milk collects in these shells (each one can hold 220mL).

The shape of these breastshells also mean that you can wear it under your shirt, with the tube coming down to your waist to attach to the pump. You don’t have to have an open shirt, or visible breast pump flange and bottles like other breast pump models.

The suction and performance of this Freemie pump is simply quite amazing!

A little demonstration recorded by Breastmates , z


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