Wednesday , July 15th 2020
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Elite Breast Pump Instructional Video by Ameda

Elite Breast Pump Instructional Video by Ameda

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The Elite Breast Pump is a hospital grade electric breast pump that is the first of its kind with a microprocessor-driven pump. It is a durable yet lightweight pump, proven by research to be effective at establishing milk supply. The Elite Custom Control feature offers dual adjustability with separate speed and suction dials for the best results every time. Its whisper quiet operation contributes to a comfortable pumping experience.

The built-in dual bottle holders securely hold bottles upright and support Store N Pour milk storage bags or smaller containers to help prevent spills.

Features and Benefits
– Perfect engineering for long-term use, including establishing and maintaining milk production
– Separate vacuum and cycle dials, so it does not make decisions for mothers or limit their choices.
– This microprocessor-controlled pump lets mothers follow their flow to find their own most effective pump settings every time and, like a breastfeeding baby, achieve a multi-phase experience
– Whisper-quiet operation and automatic suction and release for the ultimate ease of use and effectiveness
– Compact, lightweight, and portable – weighs only 6 pounds
– Compatible with all Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems, which have Proven Airlock Protection to keeps milk and moisture from entering tubing while pumping.
– Built-in double holders to securely support milk bags or bottles of any size after pumping
– Allows for single or double pumping
– Limited 3-year warranty

– Ameda Elite Hospital Grade Breast Pump x1
– Built-in bottle holders x2
– Power Cord x1


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