Tuesday , July 7th 2020
    Breast Pumps

BREAST PUMP – how to properly use it ✅

BREAST PUMP – how to properly use it ✅

Learn how to properly use manual and electric breast pump. 👍 Breast pump is very useful product during breastfeeding!
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When do you need breast pump?

A lot of mothers use breast pump from the first days of lactation. The most common situation in which mothers go for breast pump is the need of collecting milk for time when mother is away from her little one. Breast pump is also useful during breast fullness, when mother wants to express milk to relieve her breasts. It is also helpful to stimulate lactation between feeding. Milk expression is also necessary in situation when child doesn’t want to suckle. Additionally, breast pumps are very helpful with flat nipples.

Which breast pump to choose?

On the market there are available manual and electric breast pumps.

MANUAL BREAST PUMP should be chosen when mother wants to express milk occasionally.

ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP is useful when mother wants to use it very often.

How to express milk with breast pump?

Before milk expression you can give your breasts warm shower or poultice. During breastfeeding mother should imagine that she is feeding her little one. Milk expression shall be started from breast stimulation. After stimulation you can move to deep expression.


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