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Best Breast Pump Brands From Manual to Electric Models With Tubing Parts and Accessories

Best Breast Pump Brands From Manual to Electric Models With Tubing Parts and Accessories

Parents searching for the best breast pump will have to choose between some great brands in terms of features & options. Notable models include manual & electric breast pumps by Medela, Ameda, Philips Avent, Lansinoh, Playtex, Hygeia & Evenlo ( – Link to popular breast pump options as seen in this video).

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Getting a comprehensive first with extra parts and accessories like tubing and breast milk containers and bags along with a carrying bag.

Breast pump reviews on all the above brands vary depending on each mom’s experience, but there are a few that have some great reviews and have become bestsellers. The Medela Swing & Symphony, Ameda Purely Yours and Lansinoh Affinity series are some of the more popular ones. This is definitely so with Medela breast pumps due to the fact that many parents search specifically for accessories and replacement parts to their pumps.

Many new moms search for how to use a breast pump. Although that is for another video, it should be noted that there are different procedures for the different brands and types like the manual pumps vs. the electric breast pumps. Also, this can be seen in the double electric breast pump models such as the top rated Lansinoh Affinity double electric units. These are also great for hands free usage like the breast pump bra enabled devices.

Some of the lesser known brands are cost-effective as they are sometimes cheaper in price, but still get the job done. So, if you’re on a budget, don’t be afraid to go for these breast milk pumps. This also goes for used sets and kits. Some moms are weary of this, but if cleaned and sterilized properly, these are still great buys.

Another option is breast pump rental. This is a good idea for those that might not want to travel with a set or would rather not invest in the top brand name models. However, if you’re going to breast feed for a longer period of time, buying one for home and a travel set can be the better option. The best model for stay at home moms versus for working moms will differ in size and options. Working moms will want a more compact device with carrying case and even with battery power capabilities. Stay at home moms will be able to get a higher efficiency model with more options like hospital grade breast pumps. These are more stationary and bulky, but have more pumping power.

If this is your first set, definitely go with one of the best rated breast pumps for sale. You can’t go wrong with the big names like Lansinoh, Ameda, Philips Avent or Medela breast pumps. As you can see, the best breast pump brand on the market for both stay at home and working moms will differ due to need.

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