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Avent Comfort Breast Pump – Full Demonstration Video | Baby Security

Avent Comfort Breast Pump – Full Demonstration Video | Baby Security

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Philips AVENT Electric Breast Pump has an electronic memory that remembers and continues your pumping rhythm , sparing your wrists and hands from repetitive manual pumping. The pump is a classic Philips with fingertip sensitive controls and a soft-petal massager that makes expressing feel so gentle, natural and comfortable. The automatic pumping motion allows you to relax and enjoy the experience because you’re always in complete control. And when you’re relaxed, you express more milk, faster.

This SCF312/01 breast pump is battery or mains powered for maximum flexibility and portability.

Remembers your personal rhythm — manually pump then set the control to automatically mimic your speed

The pump’s unique active massage cushion is intended to help stimulate natural let-down. Its soft petals provide maximum comfort when expressing, allowing you to relax and express milk quickly. The gentle-draw vacuum mimics a baby’s natural suckling action for comfortable efficacy.

Battery warning light

If the pump is operating on battery power, a light on the control handle will display a slow pulsing flash to warn you when it is time to replace the batteries. There will be enough power for approximately one more pumping session, with no drop-off in performance, before the pump switches itself off.

Two pumps in one

The Philips AVENT Electric Breast Pump includes parts to convert your single electric pump into a manual pump, should you have no access to a power supply or wish to pump manually for any reason.


Handheld electric pump with adjustable speed and memory feature that learns and continues your pumping rhythm
Unique soft five-petal message cushion is designed for optimum comfort
Operates on mains power and battery power—perfect for travel
Interchangeable with other AVENT products—express directly into a storage cup, Via cup, bottle or training cup

Box Contains

Philips Electric Breast Pump with 125ml breastmilk storage container

Battery pack (batteries not included)

Mains power cable

Newborn teat travel pack

Sealing disc for milk storage

Disposable breast pads starter pack

Spare valve

Bottle stand/funnel cover Avalable From k


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