Saturday , July 11th 2020
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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – Part 1

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – Part 1

The Ameda Purely Yours breast pump is a personal use, electric breast pump that offers mom-friendly features and efficient pumping.

Closed System — Ameda Purely Yours breast pumps use the patented HygieniKit Milk Collection System, which has a silicone diaphragm designed to prevent milk from leaking into the pump’s tubing. This saves clean up time since the tubes do not require washing after each use.
BPA Free – All parts that come in contact with expressed milk are made of BPA free polypropylene plastic.
FDA Approved — The HygieniKit is the only milk collection system approved by the FDA to keep milk and outside air separate from each other.
Compact and Lightweight — Since the pump motor only weighs one pound, it is easy to take along with you wherever you go.
Microprocessor Controlled, Piston Driven — According to pump experts, piston pumps are more effective at expressing milk comfortably than diaphragm pumps.
Individually Adjustable Controls — You can better mimic your baby’s natural nursing rhythm with 4 cycle speeds and 8 suction levels.
Built-in Bottle Holders — Help to keep bottles and freezer storage bags upright during milk expression to prevent spilling.
3 Power Options — Since the Ameda Purely Yours can be operated via AC adapter, 6 AA batteries, or car adapter, you can pump anywhere you go. The car adapter is not included with this model, but is available for purchase separately.


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