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The First Years miPump Review

The First Years miPump is one of the best selling pumps on Amazon and has a 3 star rating which puts it in the middle of the road. We tend to agree with this rating as there are definitely better single electric pumps out there, such as the Medela Swing Breast Pump.

The First Years miPump however, comes in at almost half the price of the Medela, so if cost is an issue then read on to see if this pump’s for you.

The First Years Breast Pump is a single electric pump with 8 different suction levels that can be adjusted using the + and – buttons on the control unit. Unlike some of the better pumps on the market the miPump doesn’t have a setting to achieve let down (the natural flow of milk) and you instead need to either manually stimulate your breasts before you start pumping or wait for it to kick in using a normal setting.


Is it battery operated?

Yes, it can be operated both via AC power at home or via battery power for when you’re on the run. The pump uses 4AA batteries and from all reports it operates just as well on battery power as it does on AC power. This is definitely a bonus if you’re going to be using the pump away from home, as many pumps on the market today suffer a loss in power when run on batteries.


Is it loud?

No, most mothers that use the First Years miPump find it to be one of the quieter breast pumps available. It’s on par with the Medela, which is just about the quietest electric pump out there.


Is it comfortable?

One common complaint about the first years breast pump is that the breast shields provided with it can be a little uncomfortable for larger breasted women. Unfortunately the pump doesn’t have replacement shields in different sizes either, so you can’t switch them out if you find they’re not to your liking.


Is it easy to clean?

All the parts of the First Years Breast Pump that require regular cleaning are dishwasher safe and can also be boiled in hot water for sterilization which makes cleaning extremely easy compared to some of the pumps that require hand washing for multiple parts.


How much should I pay?

We regularly check prices on all the pumps and accessories we review and Amazon consistently offer the best prices. While the miPump can retail anywhere up to $60 we wouldn’t pay any more than $55. If you can find it cheaper then we recommend picking it up.


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What accessories does it come with?

The First Years miPump comes with a travel bag, bottle with travel lid, 2 Easy Pour Milk Storage Bags and 2 Lanolin Nursing Pads.


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What we like about it…

The First Years Breast Pump is one of the quietest electric breast pumps available which is important if you intend to use it in the office or any public place where noise may be a concern.

The other thing we like is that there’s no noticeable loss of power when running on batteries. This is a common problem for many pumps but the miPump does admirably.


What we don’t like…

The lack of a function to help achieve let down is our main gripe with the First Years miPump. It’s a feature that we love in some of the other breast pumps we’ve reviewed and the miPump definitely loses points here.

Another negative for the miPump is that many owners report that the pump loses power after prolonged use. This isn’t always the case but it seems to be a complaint that’s much more prevalent with this one than many units out there.


What others have to say about it…

“The first thing I noticed about the pump when I received it was how small it is. The motor fits in the palm of the my hand which I love.”Coe Family

“To be clear–this is not an amazing exceptional breastpump that performs like the $300 models. It’s under $50. With that in mind, this was a great investment to try pumping and get the hang of it before moving on to a more expensive (or double) model”Mrs Padilla

I have not been able to get a lot of milk out using this pump. The pumping patterns seems way to quick. The highest setting doesn’t seem to get my milk out quickly enough. It takes me almost 40 minutes to get 1-2oz out of both breasts, unless I am really over engorged. ” –Jessica


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What’s the verdict?

For the price the First Years miPump is a decent pump, and if you’re not expecting a lot of use out of it then it may do the trick. If however, you plan on prolonged use then we recommend going for a higher quality pump like the Medela Swing Breast Pump.

Where can I buy it?

The only place we recommend for baby related products is They have first class customer service and offer free shipping on items over $25. We check prices regularly and the First Years miPump has generally been available at a heavily discounted price on Amazon.


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