Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump Review

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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When it comes to breast pumps, Medela are synonymous with quality. In the electric breast pump range the Medela Pump in Style and the Medela Swing both receive rave reviews and great feedback from owners.

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump has a very simple design, utilizing a single breast flange that seals comfortably over the breast, a swivel pumping handle, a valve, a bottle to collect the milk and a stand.

How does it work?

Once all the parts are assembled you place the breast shield over your nipple so it fits comfortably and press down on the drops symbol on the top of the handle. Doing so will begin the simulation phase which imitates the baby’s suckling action to help achieve a natural milk flow. Once a natural flow is achieved you then press down on the lower end of the handle to achieve the expression phase which mimics your baby’s slower, deeper suckling action. You can adjust the speed of the handle strokes to alter the level of vacuum.


Who is it suitable for?

Generally manual breast pumps are best suited to mother’s who will spend a lot of time with their baby and therefore only need to express milk occasionally. As this can be a time consuming exercise it’s recommended to invest in an electric pump if you plan to pump regularly. Electric breast pumps, particularly double electric breast pumps tend to be more expensive than manual pumps but the amount of time saved is well worth the investment for any mother who intends to use it regularly. Due to the small size and relatively quiet operation, the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump can also make a great companion to an electric breast pump for mothers who want something that’s a little more convenient to carry around around than a larger pump and the accessories that go with it.


How much should I pay?

The Medela Harmony Breast Pump normally retails for around $35 but we’ve found it lower online at a few different websites, including Amazon. You can click here to check out their current price.


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Is it easy to wash?

The Medela Harmony should be washed prior to first use and immediately after each session. Being a manual pump with only a few parts, the Medela Harmony is relatively easy to clean. Once disassembled, all parts that come into contact with the breast milk should be either handwashed in warm, soapy water or alternatively sterilized via steaming or microwave sterilization. The parts that come into contact with the breast milk are also BPA free which means it’s safe for baby.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump Bottle

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What others are saying…

The Medela Harmony Breast Pump gets rave reviews with most owners singling the great suction, comfort and how easy it is to use and assemble.

Of the few negative comments around, some complain of a loss of suction after a few months of use or not enough suction at all from the get go. However, for every 1 negative comment about the level of suction there appears to be at least 5 good ones so it would seem most mothers who purchase the Medela Harmony don’t have a problem.


“So I tried the Medela Harmony, and I love it! The first time I used it, I pumped 2 ounces in a matter of minutes, and the suction is totally comfortable. Unlike the Avent, it’s easy to use with one hand, so I can nurse my daughter on one side and pump the other side” – Holly G


“If you are like me, and need to pump often to keep up your supply, this is a great addition to your

breastfeeding arsonal” – J Seivers


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What we like about it…

The great swivel handle that allows both a simulation phase and expression phase is a welcome addition in a manual breast pump and can really help achieve let down much easier. The other bonus is the convenience of the Harmony, it’s easy to assemble and clean, and both quiet enough and small enough to make it great for pumping on the go.


What we don’t like…

Honestly, there’s not much to say in the way of negatives. The Medela Harmony is a great all round pump. If we had to single out anything it would have been nice to see transparent tubing used in the design as it’s sometimes good to be able to see when the milk starts flowing through. Other than that we’re really hard pressed to find anything bad to say about it.


The Verdict…

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is the rolls Royce of manual breast pumps and unlike the electric pumps that Medela manufacture, it’s competitively priced when compared to it’s couterparts. It really is hard to find fault with this pump, which the great feedback from owners attests to. Highly recommended.


Where can I buy it?

Amazon are the first place we recommend for anything baby related. They have a great 365 day refund policy and offer free shipping on items over $25. We also find that they consistently beat both off the shelf prices and other online retailers when it comes to breast pumps.


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