Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump

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Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump Review

The Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump, as the title states, is BPA-free. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, BPA it is an abbreviation for Bisphenol A; A key component in the production of many bottles. Recent studies have shown that the compound is potentially dangerous, especially in the developmental stage. So it’s important to make sure any products your baby may come into contact with are free of BPA. The Lansinoh breast pump also uses a ‘closed system’. In basic terms, this means that the milk doesn’t come into contact with the air at any stage of the pumping process, which means it’s not exposed to any harmful bacteria or contaminants. The closed system also prevents the milk from backing up into the tubing or the motor where it can stagnate and contaminate any fresh milk pumped through the system.


 Is the Lansinoh Breast Pump comfortable?

 The Lansinoh breast pump’s custom expression technology settings mimic the natural feeding pattern of your baby. The suction starts out at a high speed, gentle pressure which helps stimulate the breasts and encourage milk flow, known as the letdown phase. This phase lasts for about 2 minutes, however you can override the speed or pressure at any time. The breast flanges on the Lansinoh Affinity also come with a rubber seal that both helps aid with suction as well as providing a comfortable cushion, which is important to avoid pain or discomfort if you’re going to be using your pump regularly.


How much should I pay?

This Lansinoh Breast Pump normally retails for anywhere up to $150 but you can find it cheaper at many online stores. We always recommend Amazon for any baby related purchases as they have a great refund policy and free delivery for items over $25.


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  • ComfortFit breast flanges for extra comfort
  • Closed System to prevent milk back up for greater hygiene
  • One touch letdown button
  • LCD Screen with timer
  • 8 Suction and 6 cycle (speed) settings
  • Double or Single pumping use
  • Built in bottle holders to prevent spills


How do I operate it?

Settings for both speed and suction are easily adjustable by pressing the + and – buttons on the unit. There are a total of 8 suction settings and 6 speed settings and the LCD screen will show you which cycle and setting you’re using as well as a timer to display how long you’ve been using the device. You may need to experiment for a while before finding the most comfortable and effective setting. The Lansinoh Breast Pump can either be connected to the AC adapter(included) whilst at home or the office, or alternatively it can be operated with 6 AA batteries (not included) when you’re on the go. If the AA batteries are left in the unit whilst the AC adapter is connected, the battery power will not be used. One problem of note is that you’ll find the Lansinoh Breast Pump loses a bit of power when operated by battery and may mean you need to slightly alter the settings to get the same results you’ll have when using AC power.


How easy is it to clean the Lansinoh Affinity?

 The closed system means that you won’t have to clean as many parts as you would in an open system pump, however you still need to clean and sterilize your pump parts regularly, except for the rubber tubing which does not require any maintenance. All the parts (excluding the tubing) of the Lansinoh Breast Pump are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning very easy. The only thing to keep in mind here is that the valves can degrade over time so we recommend hand washing them separately for extended life. When it comes to sterilization you can either boil the parts, or alternatively you can steam sterilize using a microwave bag, which is always my preferred method to cut down on time.


What accessories are included?

One of the disappointing things about the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump is the lack of a carry bag or backpack that many of it’s competitors feature, however you’ll find that the pump is still small enough to fit in most hand bags, provided you don’t mind discarding a few other items.

What is included however…..

2 BPA free bottles

2 Bottle lids

2 extra white valves

2 silicone tubes

Tubing connector to switch from double to single pumping

Lansinoh Breast Pump AC Adaptor

1 Velcro strap for tubing

Lansinoh Breast Pump Instruction manual


Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump & Accessories





Lansinoh Bottles


What we like about it….

 One of it’s best features is that the Lansinoh Breast Pump is compatible with almost all baby bottles so if you prefer to use your own as opposed to the bottles that sell with the unit you won’t have any hassles. It also comes with built in bottle holders to help prevent spillage.


What we don’t like about it….

 It would have been nice to see a carry bag included as an accessory with the Lansinoh, however given that it retails at a much lower price than many of it’s competitors we can understand the decision. The other complaint is the noise. While it’s not intrusively loud, there are other breast pumps on the market that seem to offer the same results at a quieter level.


What others have to say……

 “When looking for a breast pump I was referred to the medela pump but it was a bit out of my price range. So I got this one and love it!! I have been using it for 10mo. now and have not had a single problem” – Andrat

 “This one is louder than the Medela but not so much that it is off putting” – Jana Taylor

 “This pump works great. I have been using for several days – especially during engorgement phase. I typically get 4-5 oz in about 7-9 minutes. I like how the piping stays steril – only brand to offer this. My only complaint is it is VERY noisy. Since it takes less than 10 min to pump and costs a fraction of the medula, I can accept the noise.” – Jam


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The Verdict…

While the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump doesn’t come with many of the features or accessories that you’ll find with the Medela, it’s a very solid unit that gets great feedback from buyers. So if money’s a concern for you it’s very hard to go past the Lansinoh for value, coming in at almost one third of the price of the Medela.


 Where to buy it?

When it comes to breast pumps or any baby related products it’s very hard to look past as they offer a 365 day return policy on all baby products and free shipping on items over $25. They often have the Lansinoh Breast Pump at a heavily discounted price compared to other online retailers.


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